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Noelani Pearl Hernandez

 Noelani has been active in nonprofit work for over 20 years. She and her husband, the Love of her Life, Albert Hernandez, live with their blended families, her daughter, and her three bonus children. 


Noelani earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Santa Clara University and holds certifications in High Conflict Management and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Work Place, as well as a Certified Professional in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Organizational Change. Along with being a Principal at Pearl Consulting Group she is Director of Community, Diversity and Belonging at the Nonprofit Leadership Lab. 


Noelani was the first Filipina America elected to her school board in the Bay Area. She served as the board’s first woman of color President.


Noelani Pearl Hernandez has over two decades of nonprofit and political campaign management experience. Her work in development, public relations, board management, nonprofit/ campaign strategy, civil rights, social justice, and diversity/ inclusion gives her a broad view to help her clients’ organizations succeed.  Her leadership roles in public service and professional efforts give her the well-rounded experience needed to successfully coach nonprofit leaders and executives. 


Noelani’s nonprofit work includes serving on boards of several nonprofits focusing on education and income equity while enlightening minority populations to use their voice.  She is currently working closely with nonprofit executives with Pearl Consulting Group, where she is the principal and founder, along with providing her nonprofit management expertise to the Nonprofit Leadership Lab as their Director of Community, Diversity and Belonging.


Over a decade ago, she started coaching nonprofit and community leaders, as well as political candidates. This experience gives her a unique view of the world, helping her clients thrive and pivot. She has a distinctive coaching style that combines therapeutic modalities, coaching methods, experienced strategic advice, and a healthy dose of real straightforward talk for a perfect combination that you need to move towards your success.


She has coached countless nonprofit executives acting as a crucial advisor helping their organizations go from good to extraordinary. 


Through her in-depth understanding of how things can go amazingly right and incredibly wrong in a nonprofit, she can create comprehensive best next steps for any nonprofit. She has coached clients to raise millions of dollars by building deep relationships with donors and foundations during her work with her clients. Conducted Board Retreats focused on strategic planning sessions, helping them create in-depth theories of change, strategic plans, and metric-based goals. She has guided the creation of diversity, equity, and inclusion plans and made leadership transition plans for organizations experiencing different types of changes. 


Noelani strives for excellence in everything she does, fueled by a belief in the fundamental right of equality for all. She understands the positive impact of a well-rounded education on a community.. She strives every day to ensure that students receive the education they need and deserve.


Noelani was awarded one of the Most Influential Filipina Woman in World Award, Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 40 under 40 awards, and was inducted into the East Side Union School District Hall of Fame.                        

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